Transition Program

The Transition Program functions to prepare children who have lived in an orphanage for reintegration into Haitian culture (at the age of consent) .  The first major step of this transition is to relocate those selected for this program.  Some are placed with relatives while others are housed in rented accommodations with other children of the same gender.

Academic focus continues throughout the transition stage.  Youth enrolled in school remain in school as long as they are moving forward.  This schooling includes trades training, where possible.  Skills that are taught include personal self-care, health management, financial budgeting, basic homemaking, and personal goal setting, with an overall focus on spiritual growth.  Some of these youth are given the opportunity to apply for jobs within the Tytoo Gardens Children's Foundation programs.

The transition program also includes an outreach component that makes it mandatory for participants to give back to the community.  While the youth live alone, they are closely monitored.  Rules are established and a conduct promise is signed.  Participants in the program are held responsible for full accounting of all monies spent.

Much of the Haitian economy consists of growing produce for sale or making basic products that can be sold locally or exported through the mission agency for sale among supporters.  Our transition program seeks to include the development of skills that will allow our youth and young adults to participate in this local economy.  Jewellery making and sewing programs are in the formative stages, and plans for training in chicken and egg production, carpentry, and plumbing are underway.