The Church

Building the worship centre.

Building the worship centre.

It was the voice of Jesus, more specifically the words of Jesus, that resulted in the founder's dramatic lifestyle change.  Haiti has too long been influenced by darkness, the words of the witchdoctors, and the teachings of voodoo.  Our goal is to bring the light of the gospel and the teachings of Jesus into Simonette.

The majority of the Haitian population travels on foot. In the past, the people of Simonette had to travel to distant churches, which made church attendance difficult.  Rides are available via "tap-taps", but these cost money -- money that most people simply do not have.

With the establishment of a pastor and church at Tytoo Gardens, church attendance is now possible and we are seeing many people grow in their faith.

As additional resources become available, our goal is to add children's programs and youth ministry to the church.  Our desire is to see families from the community grow into strong, responsible, Biblically-based family units.

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