Rescue Program

With the exception of the Tytoo Gardens staff, Simonette is a considerable distance from any doctor, nurse, or clinic.  Walking such a long distance when you are well is a challenge in and of itself; when you are in need of medical attention, this walk is next to impossible.

The Rescue Program at Tytoo Gardens is a new and much needed initiative. It seeks to provide short-term urgent healthcare for children and their family members who are critically ill, most often due to malnutrition.  

Some children, as necessary, are temporarily admitted to the on-site orphanage when all other options have been exhausted.  The hope is that most can be treated, provided with medicines as necessary, and returned to their family.  The ultimate goal is to keep children in families, and to give the families the tools they need to better care for their children. 

Additional medical and dental assistance may be made available depending on the skill sets of visiting mission teams and the satisfying of related governmental regulations. A long term goal is to provide upgraded and specific services, such as dental and obstetrical care.

The number of people our rescue program impacts is directly proportional to our available funds and staff.  The need for this program is significant, and we pray for the opportunity to expand our services in order to offer hope to more people in the name of Jesus.