Orphan Care & Housing

The Orphanage ministry currently provides accommodation, food, healthcare, and education for approximately forty-five children.  Our children remain in school as long as they are progressing in their studies.

While their education may help them find employment, jobs are scarce and ultimately each child must transition back into the difficult Haitian society.  Tytoo Gardens realizes both the importance and challenges associated with this reality. It is our intention to augment scholastic achievements with training in the making and selling of goods, gardening, and livestock techniques.

Tending the garden within Tytoo Garden's walls.

Tending the garden within Tytoo Garden's walls.

The building facilities at Tytoo Gardens have recently been expanded, providing the opportunity to accommodate more of the desperate children from the area, as well as providing short-term emergency housing for families.  Many of our children have survived traumatic events and deplorable living conditions in their past.  Considerable time and effort is required to allow them to adjust to a new safe reality and begin their education program.  

Ultimately, our goal is to demonstrate God’s redemptive love in the care and nurture of these precious little lives.