About Tytoo

We are first and foremost a ministry. A ministry to children. A ministry to abandoned babies. A ministry to people lacking basic healthcare. A ministry to undernourished seniors. 

And we do it all for the glory of God!

Aerial photo of the Tytoo Gardens grounds in Simonette, Haiti.

Aerial photo of the Tytoo Gardens grounds in Simonette, Haiti.


Our Mission

Tytoo Gardens Children's Foundation desires to be the voice, hands, and feet of Jesus within the walls of Tytoo Gardens, the village of Simonette, and the surrounding countryside. We exist to minister in a practical and tangible way to the needs of the community; to support and encourage education and skill development; to support and encourage the development of a strong Haitian-led church in the community; and in general, to influence Simonette and the surrounding area for Jesus.

I’ve had many people compliment and praise me for the things I am doing here. For reaching out to the orphans and widows. For feeding the hungry. For clothing the naked. But who is the one actually doing those things? Not I. I am merely the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth living out his will and plan for my life. I don’t deserve the praise. Tytoo doesn’t deserve the praise. God deserves all glory and praise.
— Tirzah Poppinga, Tytoo Gardens Volunteer

Our Values

1. Experiencing God's Love and Grace

We value the free gift of Salvation in Christ Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. We believe this ‘unspeakable gift’ needs to be passed on to others.

2. Believing the Bible

We value the Bible as God's authoritative Word; we study it together and build our lives by applying its truths. We encourage each other and our Haitian community to study and grow progressively stronger in the Word.  Daily devotionals are a key component to what we do.

3. Worship God

We value heartfelt worship that is God-honouring, Spirit-directed, and life-changing. We desire to make worship a regular part of our lives.  We will lead by example and model a life committed to worship.

4. Following Jesus

We value wholehearted obedience to Christ Jesus through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

5. Belonging to the Community of Faith

We value integrity in relationships and mutual accountability in an atmosphere of grace, love, and acceptance.  We value open and honest communication, speaking the truth in love, and being accountable to deliver our best efforts for the Lord.

6. Witness to the World

We value an active and loving witness for Christ to all people, but in particular, to the people of Tytoo, Simonette, and the surrounding area.

7. Serving Compassionately

We value serving our brothers and sisters at their point of need, following the example of our Lord Jesus.

8. Pursuing Peace

We value all human life and promote forgiveness, understanding, reconciliation, and nonviolent resolution of conflict.  Recognizing that conflict between Christian workers provides an opportunity for the enemy to wreak havoc, we value working out our differences and idiosyncrasies in a kind and loving way.

9. Relying on God

We confess our dependence on God for everything and seek to deepen our intimacy with Him by living prayerfully and thankfully.

10. We value the capacity to respect order

We honour established leadership structures and value an eagerness for coaching and accountability among our staff and volunteers. Ultimately, we are all accountable to God for all aspects of our lives, including our job performance. God ordained leadership in the early church to organize and carry out the mission.  Similarly, a leadership structure is in place for Tytoo.  We respect that leadership.