About Simonette, Haiti

The gross national income per capita in all of Haiti is $660, making it the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (according to the IMF).  In rural areas, like the village of Simonette, the extreme poverty rate is estimated to be around 70%.  

Simonette is a small coastal town of about 2,500 residents.  In rural villages throughout Haiti (villages like Simonette), half of children under the age of 5 are malnourished and over two-thirds of the adult labour force do not have formal jobs.  It is also estimated that 50% of primary school aged children never get the opportunity to attend school.

In years past, Simonette was home to a heavy voodoo influence.  Over the past couple of years, however, God has used a local pastor, Pastor Patrice, to lead many men, women, and children in Simonette to Christ.  Pastor Patrice now estimates that 60% of the town is engaged in a relationship with Jesus.  Praise the Lord!  

The education system in Simonette is improving as well. The majority of children in Simonette now have an opportunity to receive at least a primary school education.  

As for healthcare, a well equipped clinic is now in operation three days a week at Tytoo Gardens.  During the course of the past year, the clinic has provided healthcare to literally hundreds of local Haitians needing medical attention.  Our clinic has also been instrumental in ensuring people with severe injuries or illnesses are transferred to hospitals to receive the medical attention they desperately need.  Access to basic healthcare is improving in Simonette, though there is still significant room for improvement.